Debt and Equity Investors for Infrastructure Innovation

Bridging the Gap Between Tomorrow and Today

We partner with middle market companies and entrepreneurs to drive innovation in infrastructure


The infrastructure of tomorrow won’t look like the infrastructure of today. The way we generate power, how we grow our food, and what we do with our waste must change – even if there’s no easy way to get there. At OIC, we believe investing in environmentally and socially innovative infrastructure is critical to accelerating the transition to a sustainable future. We build collaborative investment partnerships with private businesses seeking to develop and scale critical infrastructure solutions. At the same time, we seek to generate strong financial returns for our investors and beneficial outcomes for society.

  • Focusing on environmental innovation

    We build investment partnerships with companies that will catalyze significant positive change across infrastructure, energy, and industrial ecosystems.

  • Investing responsibly

    We are committed to responsible investment principles and believe ESG integration leads to value creation, risk mitigation, and maximum profitability across our portfolio.

  • Prioritizing the right partnerships

    We are relentless problem solvers who combine clear-eyed pragmatism with visionary portfolio optimization practices to seek out opportunity where others in our industry see insurmountable roadblocks.

Investing is our business — partnership is our mission

We work closely with midsized private companies and family-owned businesses to offer creative credit, equity, and growth capital solutions to scale deployment of sustainable infrastructure and technologies. But we are more than just a source of capital; we collaborate with our partner companies to transform ideas into action and drive long-term value for them and our investors.

  • Event — Oct 17-18

    OIC Forum on Infrastructure Innovation

    Join us for a candid, informed and forward-looking conversation about innovation in infrastructure among a group of people who believe in promoting positive change for the future of our planet.