Investing in Tomorrow to Benefit Today


We’re building a diversified portfolio of investments, backed by hard asset collateral, supporting environmental and social innovation in infrastructure. We utilize flexible capital and employ a partnership approach to support business owners and operators.

Our approach centers on a true capital partnership model – for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. We don’t pretend to know more about a partner company’s business than they do. We offer customized capital solutions that allow them to pursue their vision as they see fit – supported by our team’s deep expertise, extensive industry connections, and proven operating experience.

  • Our target subsectors

    We focus our investments on eight key sectors shaping the transition to a sustainable infrastructure future.

    • Energy Efficiency

      Efficient lighting, smart devices, building retrofit and upgrades, industrial heat and cooling

    • Waste and Recycling

      Waste-to-value, waste-to-energy, bottle-to-bottle recycling, resource recovery, hydrocarbon waste removal

    • Digital infrastructure

      Data centers, transmission and distribution assets, grid and power networks, telecommunication assets

    • Social Infrastructure

      Transport services, community spaces, public safety, climate resiliency, disaster preparedness and response, healthcare infrastructure

    • Renewable Fuels

      Renewable gases (RNG, hydrogen), renewable/bio liquids, renewable solid fuels, green chemicals

    • Sustainable Power

      Distributed energy resources, fuel cells, energy storage, carbon capture and sequestration, hydrogen

    • Transportation, Mobility, and Storage

      EV charging infrastructure, batteries, refueling networks, fleet logistics, vehicle efficiency, manufacturing, midstream

    • Food Systems and Agriculture

      Hydroponic, aeroponic, and container growing systems, vertical farming, greenhouses, agricultural fuel stock

  • Our investment criteria
    • Value Optimization

      We take a disciplined, proactive approach to optimizing value with our investment partnerships by reducing risk, improving oversight, and adding value to generate results that meet or exceed targeted returns. We have dedicated teams focused on optimizing performance and managing risk across the lifecycle of our investments.

    • Partnership model

      We partner with private company owners and management teams to provide essential liquidity and capital to enable them to grow. We also work with them to build relationships, develop and implement ideas, and add value wherever possible.

    • Investing Responsibly

      Responsible investing and ESG principles are core to OIC’s culture, investment strategy, and partnership approach. We believe that investing responsibly is not an option; it’s our obligation as corporate citizens in the 21st century.

  • We specialize in finding, supporting, and investing in solutions that work for the real world

    Businesses building infrastructure systems of the future require capital solutions as innovative as their assets. But frequently, companies face challenges and limited access to flexible financing options. OIC is here to help.

  • We embrace complexity with creativity

    Our focus on value optimization is unwavering and integrated into all that we do, with dedicated teams exclusively focused on risk mitigation and value optimization strategies at every stage of our investment process.

    • Risk And Investment Strategists Group

      Focused on developing enhanced deal structures, risk mitigation approaches, commodity hedging activities, and optimizing portfolio construction.

    • Investment Performance And Optimization Group

      Focused on risk optimization and improving oversight of OIC’s existing investment partnerships, tasked with generating results that meet or exceed targeted returns.

    • We Have Experience

      The foundation of OIC is our specialized team, anchored together by long careers dedicated to energy and infrastructure across diverse functional roles as investors, operators, owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Our partnership model

    We are not just a source of capital – we help our investment partners to find the best path forward when others in our industry see roadblocks. We recognize there is no moonshot that will create the future we want to see, but instead the future will be built brick by brick through innovation and collaboration.

    • Investors & Operators

      We’ve been in our partners' shoes and know what it takes to successfully own and operate infrastructure assets. It’s our job to translate these learnings into meaningful strategies to help them scale.

    • Deep Industry Expertise

      Our team includes leaders who have worked together for two decades, allowing us to react quickly and thoughtfully to new and complex opportunities.

    • Customized Structuring

      We offer credit, equity, and growth capital solutions that are customized, bespoke, and often complex, in order to meet our partners' unique needs and objectives.

    • Transparent Execution

      We’re committed to an open-minded, transparent, timely, and reliable diligence and execution process, implemented in a collaborative manner with the goal of providing certainty of closing with our partners.

ESG is at the core of our approach

Our long-standing philosophy has been that engaging in responsible investment practice is not an elected strategy, marketing tool, or question of optionality – it’s simply part of our role as corporate citizens in the 21st century.