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Evergreen Recycling (“Evergreen”), formerly known as CarbonLITE, is a “bottle-to-bottle” recycler and one of the world’s largest producers of food-grade recycled plastic polyethylene terephthalate (“PET”) pellets in the world, operating three recycling plants in Clyde OH, Riverside, CA, and Albany, NY. Evergreen specializes in processing used plastic bottles into food-grade pellets that can be used to manufacture new beverage containers and products, including clothing and food containers, and replaces the use of virgin PET. Evergreen’s recycling techniques help to lower carbon emissions and reduce waste, while providing a responsible, cost-effective, and high-quality solution to repurposing consumer packaging. Every ton of plastic recycled saves 16 barrels of oil, over 5,700 kWh of energy, and 30 cubic yards of plastic containers in landfill space. Less than a third of the six billion pounds of plastic used for drink bottles and food containers are recovered by U.S. recycling programs, but 10%+ of bottles used in the US are integrated into Evergreen’s recycling plants, where their lifecycle is prolonged.

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